Unison Recording Company offers full-service music production and recording. With production clients ranging from songwriters with a lyrical idea and a chord progression to established bands that perform regularly, Unison is able to work with the client to develop their music to its fullest potential and then encourage and capture the best performance possible. Unison is able to oversee the entire production process and make the necessary arrangements to create the highest quality finished product. If additional instrumentation is needed, we can provide it or arrange to hire studio musicians to add tracks that bring recordings to life.

As an independent music production and recording company, Unison is available to create and capture music wherever the artist is most comfortable, whether that is in our studio, another commercial studio, at a live event, or just at the artist's home. With our mobile recording equipment, it is also possible to record different parts of a project at different locations.

Unison uses the three most widely-used recording formats in the industry: Pro Tools computer-based digital recording, ADAT tape-based digital recording, and 2" 24-track analog recording. As a result, our studio is compatible with a great majority of studios. It is common for clients to bring projects to Unison that have been started elsewhere.

At Unison, we strive to achieve greatness in every project, while providing the best value for our clients. Our creative input, attention to detail, and dedication to the artist have earned us a loyal client base, which is varied in musical styles and personalities. A great strength is our ability to work with such a diverse group of artists while maintaining a comfortable and creative recording environment. We look forward to working with you on your next recording project.

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