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Project Info
Sound clips
Artist: The Estate
Title: The Estate
Unison: Mix
Artist: MTV Online
Title: Various audio recordings
Genre: Online Game
Unison: Record, Edit, Mix, Master
Artist: Love Child Suicide
Title: Love Child Suicide
Genre: Rock
Unison: Produce, Record

Waste The Night Away

Artist: Sidelines
Title: Losing Time
Genre: Pop/Rock
Unison: Produce, Record

Push Away

Artist: Carpetroom
Title: Acoustic
Genre: Acoustic Rock
Unison: Produce, Record, Mix, Master
Artist: Go 4 Gusto
Title: Go 4 Gusto
Genre: Rap
Unison: Record, Mix


Artist: Rob Neely Band
Title: Live at the Blue Lamp
Genre: Rock
Unison: Record, Mix, Master


Artist: G-Heff
Title: Love To Be Hated
Genre: Rap
Unison: Mix
Artist: SuperSpeedway Music
Title: How's My Driving? - Compilation
Genre: Punk Rock
Unison: Master

The Getaway
by The Odd Numbers

Artist: UC Berkeley Faculty Men's Chorus
Title: Christmas With The Monks
Genre: Choral/Classical
Unison: Record, Mix, Master

Angels from the Realms of Glory

Artist: Dope Cut Productions
Title: The Throwback
Genre: Rap
Unison: Mix
Artist: Don Friesen
Title: Inexplicable - DVD & CD
Genre: Comedy
Unison: Record

Car Safety

Artist: Texas Thieves
Title: Forced Vacation
Genre: Punk Rock
Unison: Edit, Master

Abandoned Cars

Artist: "Reaching Up" Radio Program
Title: Multiple shows
Genre: Interview/Music
Unison: Record, Edit, Mix, Master

Sample sound files are provided in MP3 format, which is a low resolution audio format. To receive a demo reel on CD or find out more information about the above recording projects, please contact Unison Recording Company at (646) 369-4924.

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